Galaxy Global has been built on dynamic, innovative solutions for over 30 years. Our organization works with CEOs, VPs, directors of supply chain and retail executives who are worried about empty shelves; suppliers striving for great scorecards or manufacturers anxious to avoid line shutdowns from just in time raw materials and gridlock from stored finished goods. We provide our clients with customized, cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that integrate warehousing, transportation and delivery.

Galaxy operates 300,000+Sqft.  of clean & organized warehouse space across North America and Europe. We designed our business to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers’ needs whether that is short term or long term, we become your partner. Our facilities are equipped with all necessary equipment and storage racks to include secure storage capacity —additional storage for chemicals and a designated area for hazardous or flammable materials is available. Our facilities are monitored 24/7 with video surveillance inside and outside.

Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment 

What is Pick and Pack?

In an ecommerce setting, pick and pack fulfillment takes place in a warehouse after an order is placed from an online store. Picking is the act of choosing the correct quantities of each item from its location in the warehouse. Packing is packaging the materials in the correct box, along with the right insulating and packing materials and the right documents. From there, the package is sent to the end customer.


Our pick and pack warehouse solution provides your business with the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quick turnaround times you need to remain successful. With the goal of empowering clients to focus on the growth of their companies, our team oversees order picking and packing at every level.
No matter what industry you’re in or what products you sell, we have the expertise to help your business manage fluctuations in demand, seasonal changes, and high SKU counts. At the same time, our team of logistics experts guarantees that your products arrive on time and in optimal condition. Using our own in house logistics team, you don’t have to worry about coordinating between your warehouse, customers, or transportation partners any more.

Kitting Service

Galaxy offers kitting services to help customers & manufacturers save their time, energy, and money required for pre-assembling of parts during of after the production process. Our warehouse kitting offering streamlines the overall process of kitting packaging. We have the capability to fulfill both large and small amounts of consumer orders, which include pairing and bundling commonly purchased items. Galaxy is also able to help you identify and source for stellar kitting materials with a fast turnaround time. Need environmentally friendly, customized, or stock boxes? We’ve got you covered.


Defined, kitting is a service that combines various single items into one unit for sale, such as a subscription box containing multiple items. It is a beneficial eCommerce merchandising tool because it enables e-retailers to do more with the items in their inventory. Elaborate kits can include up to 20 different products, with the capabilities of a great warehouse management system it can accurately manage your inventory, as products morph from units to kits

Kitting services are an essential step in order fulfillment that includes an assembly of separate items into a finished set or kit, which is then ready for shipping. Kitting services are particularly suitable for online sellers, who are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve shipping speed and reduce the cost of their order fulfillment process. Kitting is the most widely used option, which ensures a cost reduction in order fulfillment.


Our kitting packaging offers a large number of benefits:

– Free up space for your core business activities
– Improve your business productivity
– Reduce labor costs and inventory
– Improve cash flow
– Streamlined warehouse kitting helps save time because the kitting packaging is performed in bulk quantities. This not only saves your business time but it also improves the speed of your overall order fulfillment process. With its more efficient and cost-effective packaging, kitting services also offers more saving on postal costs.

Transportation Management

At Galaxy Global, our integrated logistics practice with transportation management helps to ensure the highest service levels while leveraging our volume to deliver efficiencies and cost savings. We take the frustration and hassle out of transportation, and by using our expertise in freight consolidation, we leverage multi-client volumes to collectively save money — improving efficiency, reducing transportation expense, and creating value that benefits our entire customer base.

Imports & Exports

Galaxy Global is your partner for import, export, and container transloading services. We have strategically located all of our facilities and with decades of experience handling imports and exports of various products and raw materials, we have the ability to streamline container delivery and offload, allowing you to optimize your own capacity as needed. Whatever the industry, we can support your distribution, warehousing, and storage needs

Manufacturing Support

Galaxy Global helps small to mid-sized manufacturing firms thrive throughout North America. We work with manufacturing clients synchronizing the flow of raw materials and work-in-progress to support just-in-time production, along with managing finished goods storage with flexible warehousing at less overhead and capital expense. This ensures you meet your promises to your customers. The result is you focus on total quality production and the best products possible. Let us manage the rest!